Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Maintenance of hospital function
International Medical Engineering Co., Ltd (IMEC Co., Ltd.) will contribute to the community in which
a core hospital is located by supporting hospital management by reducing operational burden on physicians
and nurses and increasing efficiency of use of medical devices through our medical device maintenance
services in hospitals.

Establishment of relationship of mutual trust
We will make efforts so that a relationship with hospitals
and clients can be reinforced with virtuous cycle. In addition,
we aim for becoming a trustworthy company for stakeholders
by thoroughly adhering to the internal rules and preparing operational manuals as a basis for corporate activities
and will continuously improve our corporate value.

Provision of high quality services
As a company entrusted with medical device maintenance services, IMEC Co., Ltd. considers that
CSR action is to strive for promotion of health in Japanese people by stably and continuously providing
partnership and high quality services to medicalinstitutions and hospital staff.

Promotion of health in our employees
We provide proper periodic medical check-up to our employees. Furthermore, for employees aged 40 years or
older, complete medical check-up is available as a periodic medical check-up, and 40% of the costs for
the complete medical check-up is paid by the company.
The medical check-up is provided in compliance with laws and regulations to maintain the
employees’ health, and the medical check-up rate is maintained at 100%.

Mental health counselling
To maintain the employees’ mental health, counselling service is provided for the employees
who feel anxiety or stresses caused by work or work environment.
In this service, a counselor gives consideration to feelings of the people asking for advice
and carefully listens to their talk to solve their problems.

Creation of workplace that is comfortable for employees to work
For approval as a Work Style Reform Declaration Company, we have tried to improve work
environment so that the individual employees can work having sense of purpose in life.
We inform the employees of the status of taking annual paid leave periodically to
improve the rate of taking annual paid leave. In addition, as a company that supports
the success of women in workplace, we have made efforts to encourage women to play
active role in workplace and improve organizational ability .


Dissemination and awareness building activities performed together with foreign partners
On the basis of cooperation and collaboration between Japan and Republic of Indonesia, we will contribute to solution
of social problems through our businesses with aim of contributing to improvement of the quality of medical institutions
and welfare facilities as well as promotion of health in people in Japan and Republic of Indonesia.

Interaction between parties via study and training
We will improve the skills concerning medical devices and maintenance of the medical devices and enhance
the partnership with not only physicians and nurses but also all medical professionals and interested
parties in both countries through interaction via study and training sessions.