Message from the President

Message from the President

International Medical Engineering Corporation (IMEC Co., Ltd) was established in 1986

To perform maintenance and management of medical devices in hospitals and entrusted consulting services
concerning management of medical institutions, and has accomplished great achievements so far.

To smoothly utilize medical devices that have been dramatically advancing, reliable specialized knowledge is required.

However, hospital staff are busy to carry out medical operations, and therefore, we have supported their operations
based on the policy that we will contribute to improvement in the safety in the hospital and reduction in the burden of hospital management.

In addition, we have made various proposals including how to handle or manage the medical devices in the hospital, and individual employees continue to work together with all medical professionals while taking faithful and responsible behaviors.

Furthremore, under our management philosophy, “We will contribute to improvement in the quality of medical practices and services
all medical professionals provide and contribute to health in Japanese people through the maintenance, management, and support for utilization of medical devices”, we will devote ourselves to our duties and make efforts to strive for development of the corporate business.

We would appreciate your continued support and encouragement in the future.